BE Pharmaceuticals

BE Pharmaceuticals USA is a regional expansion of Biological E. Limited, a privately held 60 year old family company with expertise in sterile vaccine and injectable product manufacturing. Based in Cary, North Carolina, BE Pharma commenced commercial operations in October 2019 with three ANDA product launches.  Our new greenfield USFDA approved site manufactures liquid vials, lyophilized products, and pre-filled syringes.  Currently, BE Pharmaceuticals has over 20 products in various stages of development and anticipates 5-7 new product introductions each year from our internally developed ANDAs. BE Pharma has the ability to distribute its products directly to its customers through its logistics and distribution partners as well as through an established network of wholesalers and distributors nationwide.  We are currently supplying a variety of customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico – from pharmacies and hospitals to long term care facilities and infusion centers.


Our parent company, Biological E, is a global leader in vaccine partnerships – having worked with UNICEF, PAHO, and The Gates Foundation to provide in excess of 500 million doses per year to patients in India and over 100 ROW countries.