Biological E Limited




Biological E Limited’s Branded Formulations business is largely India-centric. Over the years, it has been a key contributor to the company’s business. Currently, we are among the leading suppliers of Heparin and Noscapine-based cough medications in India. We have also launched Enoxaparin in India with in-house API.

Apart from domestic retail marketing, Biological E Limited also supplies its medicines to various Central Government Hospitals, State Government Hospitals, Public Sector Undertakings and the Armed Forces.




The Speciality Generic Injectables (SGI) division, a subsidiary of Biological E. Limited, which started in 2013, is the outcome of the company’s efforts to expand the geographical footprint of its Branded Formulations division, which is India-centric. The choice of operating in the injectables space through SGI is predicated on the company’s significant experience in sterile manufacturing. The focus of this new division will be on the development and commercialization of injectable products, primarily Non-Biological Complex Drugs, but also certain routine injectables in order to build a portfolio of both complex and routine injectable products.

The target markets for this division will be primarily the regulated markets, although other markets will be explored as its product offerings continue to evolve.

The US operations of this division commenced in 2019. BE Pharmaceuticals Inc. operates out of Cary, North Carolina, USA.


Synthetic Biology


BE Life Sciences is focused on making Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) using synthetic biology.

Our goal is to develop cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to conventional API manufacturing processes.




Biological E. Limited (BE) started its journey in vaccine manufacturing in the year 1962 and became the first Indian private company to enter into the vaccines business.

BE has modern manufacturing facilities that are well equipped for sterile manufacturing of quality products. Its manufacturing facilities have been inspected by multiple regulatory agencies.

BE has seven WHO pre-qualified vaccines and is working to expand its pipeline of generic vaccines. Additionally, it is leveraging its past experience in the vaccines space to transition to developing novel vaccines. BE is the largest producer of Tetanus Vaccine in the world and leading supplier of Pentavalent Vaccine. It is also one of the leading suppliers of Polyvalent Snake Antivenom in India.

BE is one of the leading vaccine companies in India and partners with global healthcare agencies, including the WHO, UNICEF and Pan American Health Organisation in their efforts to make life saving vaccines accessible globally. BE supplies its vaccines to more than 100 countries and has supplied more than 2 billion doses of vaccines in the last decade alone.

Global Presence